Route and stages Timeruta (Bryne-Holmavatn)

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The route starts north in Time municipality in the regional center Bryne. In the town there is much to experience and short trips to take before you continue your journey. The bike ride through Time takes you through the «Pantry of Jæren», which the agricultural municipality often is called. The trip continues through farm land up to the far end of the municipality.


In Time you can take a detour to the Midgardsormen bridge, or go for a swim in Melsvatnet. You can also take a break with some refreshments at Undheim before heading for Hå municipality and down to the sea again.

Detours (Timeruta)
Transport Place of interest Distance
Bike ride Midgardsormen 4,6 km
Bike ride Melsvatnet 12,5 km


Bike ride to Midgardsormen 

Get off your bike and take a stroll on Midgardormen, the bridge that links Sandtangen and the hiking trail in the Njåskog area. The bridge is 230 meters long and was opened in 2016.

Smiegarden Cultural Guest House is centrally located at Undheim. Undheimssmia is a cultural heritage site that is over 100 years old and is preserved just as the blacksmith left the forge well over 45 years ago. Smiegarden consists of the forge, the joinery, the pig house/barn, the old swiss style house and the large grandmother's garden. Please call (915 21 576) Smiegarden before you arrive, so you can make arrangements for refreshments, a guided tour and possibly a toilet break!

Right at the center of Bryne you can find Time Library and the National Garborg Center, a museum and information center for the authorships of Hulda and Arne Garborg.

Fotland mill, built in 1845, is idyllically situated at Fotlandsfossen, the largest waterfall on Jæren. The restored building is today a museum and exhibition room for arts and crafts.


At Melsvatnet you can take the trail all around the lake. The hiking trail is suitable for everyone. Weather permitting, you may go for a swim. There are picnic areas distributed around the trail.

Knudaheio was the poet Arne Garborg’s summer cottage on Jæren in the years 1899 to 1923. The interior and furnishings as well as the house itself are authentic and preserved just as it looked in 1909. From Knudaheio you can take a trip to the stone head sculpture of Arne Garborg and enjoy the view over Jæren.