Route and stages Håruta (Holmavatn-Sirevåg)

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The cycling route through Hå offers natural scenery in an open and varied landscape; from large fields and meadows covered in grass and heather, past farms with cows and sheep, to beautiful beaches with surfing and swimming opportunities.

In Hå you can also taste local food at cafés and farm shops.


If you spend the night at Holmavatn it might be nice to start your day with a walk to Steinkjerringa og Synesvarden. Here there are magnificent views, and you get to see remnants of the heathlands that used to cover large parts of Jæren.

When cycling through Hå, take a popular detour down to Varhaug's old churchyard, and enjoy the calm and high skies at Varhaug chapel. Further south in Hå we recommend a short detour to the lighthouse at Kvassheim.

Detours (Håruta)
Transport Place of interest Distance
Bicycle ride Varhaug Chapel and Varhaug Church 10 km
Walk Steinkjerringa and Synesvarden 8 km


The lighthouse is located on Norsjøvegen and is «a window to the sea». Here you can step inside and find shelter and beautiful views. You can bring a packed lunch, or you can buy home baked goods, coffee, soft drinks and ice cream in the cafe. There is also accommodation. The lighthouse is a great starting point for walking along the sea. Exhibitions: The Norwegian Society for Sea Rescue; the Elias boat for children. The County Governor. The Jæren beaches conservation area.

Varhaugruta – Skretting

Follow this route for a short detour to Varhaug.